Learn to read the Quran with Tajweed Online

Our goal at Quraanic is to improve the lives of Muslims by providing an accessible and affordable way for children and adults to learn the Quran conveniently through online lessons.

Muslims who have learned Tajweed and Tarteel and have a comprehensive and acceptable comprehension of the texts find the most excellent satisfaction in the lessons of the Quran.

Our commitment is to create effective strategies for teaching the correct recitation of the Quran, with interactive online resources to make learning approachable. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will guide your children or you.

Course Info
Minimum age 10 years
Duration 18 – 24 months
Certification Yes
Format Live Sessions
Requirements a mobile, tablet or computer, mic, headphones
Trial Classes Yes


The duration of this program ranges from a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of 24 months. Many students typically finish the course within this timeframe, some may complete it sooner or later due to various underlying factors.

  • No. of classes taken in a week
  • Number of students in class
  • Student age
  • Revision of lesson at home


Tajweed Online Quran Instruction for Adults and Kids

Many Muslims find it difficult to dedicate as much time to studying the Quran as they would want due to the responsibilities of modern life. We are pleased to present a wide range of Quran courses that can be accessed online, all customized to meet your individual preferences and schedule.


You have the freedom to tailor your experience and select the class times that best suit your learning needs. We are committed to supporting you on your spiritual journey towards growth and development. 


Understand Tajweed with Qualified Tajweed Teachers

You and your kids can learn to recite the Quran successfully with Tajweed through in-person instruction from knowledgeable and renowned experts.


Quraanic is a modern platform that uses the latest technology to bring the teachings of the Holy Quran to your home in a safe and convenient way. Thanks to technology, we now have an innovative and comprehensive method for teaching the lessons and verses of the Quran to Islamic students worldwide.


Our online Quran instructors currently help students in about 90 different countries, and one of our specializations is providing online Quran instruction for children focusing on Tajweed. 


What are the Advantages of Tajweed?

The advantages of Tajweed include:

  1. Knowing how letters may change the meaning of words 
  2. It ensures the correct timing of syllables. 
  3. Learning Tajweed can help you avoid mistakes when reading the Quran.
  4. Having an elementary knowledge of Tajweed boosts your confidence when reading the Quran. Recitation becomes more effective and fluent as a result.
  5. Mastering Arabic spelling principles with excitement and confidence.
  6. Improving your recitation of the Quran will enable you to interact with it and strengthen your connection to it.


Overview of the Tajweed Course

This three-phase course takes students from learning the basic letters of Arabic to using Tajweed rules in an advanced manner. Students gain fundamental proficiency in listening and pronunciation through this extensive curriculum. 

1. Step of Exploration in Reciting the Quran:

The basic Arabic letters of the Quran are a good place to start your Tajweed learning journey. Students understand words and sentences and improve their pronunciation and listening skills under the direction of experts. 

2. Intermediate Methods for Tajweed:

Students now concentrate on the fine points of phonetic delicacy, letter articulation, and the ease of pauses in recitation.

3. Excellent Use of Tajweed:

At the end of the course, students showcase their advanced recitation skills. They study verses in-depth, extracting and absorbing basic Tajweed rules to make their recitation accurate and graceful.


Personalized Online Courses for Tajweed

We provide individualized, one-on-one Tajweed lessons for your needs and schedule. Our one-on-one lessons allow students to practice the Makharij and all other regulations while improving their understanding of Arabic pronunciation. 


Throughout these sessions, our tutors ensure that pupils can recognize the guidelines included in the Quran, and they continue to keep an eye on them.


Suppose you are learning rules like Idgham (merging) and Ikhfaa (hiding), which need 100% correctness through deliberate effort. You may work on these guidelines in an online tajwid session and pay closer attention to how the teacher implements them.


Planning for Tajweed Lessons & Objectives

We provide an organized strategy so that students can acquire Tajweed education gradually. Teachers develop short-term objectives so that they can be readily accomplished. The following details are taken into consideration while creating your plan:

  1. How many classes a week do you wish to attend?
  2. How long will your classes last?
  3. The Tajweed level at which you should begin.
  4. Oral evaluation of past knowledge.


Skills Gained from our Online Tajweed Course

Anyone who wants to improve their Quranic recitation and fluency must learn Tajweed. Quran online Tajweed course aids students in refining their comprehension of the sacred text. Blending theory and practice will help you become a fluent and proficient reader.

Students who take this course will discover:

  1. Understanding Tajweed Rules
  2. Proper Use of Tajweed
  3. Reading the Qur’an with Grace and Flow

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We warmly welcome you to join us on a journey of discovery and wonder as we delve into the captivating beauty of the Quran.

With our comprehensive stages, you’ll learn the art of Tajweed and recitation, allowing you to appreciate the profound impact of each verse fully. Let’s embark on this enriching journey together!