Online Islamic Courses for Adults

Our online Islamic courses are an excellent option for adults who lack the time to visit a mosque or live far from an Islamic center. Thus, they can take online Islamic classes with a live tutor for the Quran.

Quraanic provides affordable online Islamic courses intended to teach students fundamental Islamic knowledge and Muslim beliefs, enabling them to understand Islam’s authentic and beautiful teachings, regardless of their interest in learning the Quran, Arabic, or Islam itself.


We offer online Islamic Classes for Adults to help people start their proper religious education. Qualified and experienced scholars expertly create our adult Islamic education programs. 


Islam is taught at different levels using a systematic curriculum based on recognized Islamic Studies books. You will get structured knowledge of the Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, History, Seerah, and Aqeedah (belief).


Our 7 Courses on Islam for Adults

We have created and organized seven Islamic courses for adults, covering everything from the foundations to the end. Each program has a very clear structure and covers every relevant detail. Every course has levels ranging from basic to advanced.

1. The Foundations of Islam:

This course, called the Islamic foundation lessons, is open to beginners. You’ll discover:

  • Islam’s Five Pillars
  • The Six Islamic Beliefs.
  • The prayers and Azkar
  • Etiquette, conduct, and morality
  • Islamic Social System
2. Quran Tafseer:

Discover how to read verses in detail using word-for-word translations from tafsir texts, such as:

  • Ibn-al-Abbas Tafsir
  • Tarjuman-ul-Quran
  • Tafseer-ul-Quran
  • Ibn-al-Kathir Tafsir

For the best instructions on learning Quranic Tafseer, try our online tafseer course.

3. The Islamic faith:

Islam is based on our Aqeedah (belief). Our principles are the reason behind all we do. Our worship will be precise if we have a strong aqeedah. Study up on all the different areas of aqeedah.

  1. Ar-Raboobiyat Tauheed
  2. Al-Alohiyat Tauheed
  3. Al-Asmaa wal Siffat Tauheed
4. The Law of Fiqh:

In order to learn about Islamic jurisprudence rulings outside of the Quran and Sunnah, our online leading Quran academy provides advanced Fiqh classes covering subjects such as:

  1. Divorce and marriage
  2. Succession
  3. Taharat, or purifying
  4. The rites of birth and death
  5. The Fiqh of the Five Pillars of Islam: Hajj (Pilgrimage), Namaz/Salaat (prayer), Zakat (charity), Roza (fasting), and Tauheed (oneness of Allah).
5. The Seerah and Hadith:

A lesson on Islam would not be complete without the Seerah Course. The primary focus of this course is to explain the three phases in great depth by examining the biography and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAWW.

  1. The Arabian world before the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWW) birth.
  2. Muhammad SAWW’s conception and life.
  3. Arabian world following the start of the revelations.

We have selected the most reliable narrations for our hadith classes, such as:

  1. Al-Bukhari
  2. Al-Muslim
  3. At-Tirmizi
  4. As-Saliheen Ar-Riyaz
  5. Al-lulu-wal-Marjaan.
6. History of Islam:

Take a close look into Islamic history to learn about subjects like:

  1. Early Islam and the period of four Caliphs
  2. The Umayyad period
  3. The Age of Abbasids
  4. The Empire of Ottoman
  5. The Arrival of Islam in Spain and Morocco
7. Arabic Course for Adults:

If you want to learn Arabic online from a trustworthy and effective source, Quraanic is the perfect choice. Our course is designed to provide an engaging and comprehensive learning experience, no matter why you’re studying Arabic – for personal enrichment, academic purposes, or professional development.


Our clear and easy-to-follow stages will help you complete your learning journey according to your goals and needs.

Our Arabic course is innovative and student-centered. Each student has unique needs, cultural backgrounds, and proficiency levels.


Therefore, we have designed our course to adjust to each student’s needs. Using an easy-to-understand method for level determination, students can progress from one competency level to the next without difficulty.

Whether you’re an adult learner or a beginner, our online Arabic course will help you master Arabic quickly and efficiently.

Learning Outcomes of Adult Islamic Courses

Every Islamic class has goals that both the teachers and the students collaborate to accomplish on schedule.

  1. Gaining insight from the Aqeedah to cultivate an unbreakable bond with Allah.
  2. Gaining insight into the purpose of life via the Tafsir of the Quran.
  3. Acknowledging, via Fiqh, the proper decisions on every subject.
  4. Gaining knowledge of Islamic history by studying specifics from various places.
  5. Learning the sayings of the Prophet SAWW to educate your thoughts and implement the rulings when necessary. 
  6. Gaining an understanding of Seerah and trying to apply it in life.
  7. Gaining proficiency in Arabic and becoming more at ease speaking it in a variety of contexts.

Adult Islamic education programs are helpful for all people, especially new Muslims and Westerners, to gain in-depth knowledge of the religion. Please take advantage of our free three-day lessons to begin your chosen course. Our customer service agent is on duty around the clock.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide online Islamic classes for kids and beginners?

Yes, we offer well-organized courses with lesson plans for students of all ages, including beginners and new Muslims.

What Role Does Islamic Education Play in the Lives of Muslims?

Every Muslim child and adult should study about Islam since it: 

  1. It covers the history and background of Islam and Muslims, aiming to help students better understand their faith. 
  2. It also focuses on fostering a deeper connection with Allah and reverence for the Prophets. 
  3. It offers practical advice on how to make proper decisions in various aspects of life. To achieve this, it draws on the lessons from the Quran and hadith. 
  4. Our online Islamic program aims to prepare students for the afterlife, or Akhirah, by instilling valuable teachings and insights.

How long will it take to learn Islamic studies?

The course length will vary based on the student’s aptitude, time, and effort, as with any personalized learning or coaching. We aim to help students achieve their desired outcomes by providing personalized resources and support.