Let’s Promote Collective Quran Learning Experiences

The Quran highlights the importance of family connections and learning together. Studying the Quran as a family can strengthen bonds and create a supportive environment for spiritual development.


When children learn alongside their parents and siblings, it promotes a sense of togetherness and shared values within the family.


At our academy, we understand how crucial it is to involve the whole family in spiritual development. That’s why we offer special offers and discounts specifically designed to encourage families to learn the Quran together.


Family Offers and Discounts


Sibling Discounts

We have a special offer for families with more than one child. You’ll receive a discount for each additional student if you enroll multiple siblings.

For example, you’ll get a 10% discount for the second child, a 15% discount for the third child, a 20% discount for the fourth child, and so on.

We hope this makes Quran education more accessible and affordable for larger families.


Parent-Child Packages

We have packages that allow parents to enroll alongside their children at discounted rates. We encourage a supportive learning environment where families can grow spiritually together.

These packages include combined Quran classes for parents and children or separate sessions arranged for each age group. 

If you enroll yourself with your kids as a parent or guardian, you will receive a 20% discount on your monthly fee.

Extended Family Packages

We have a 20% discount for your extended relatives, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Referral Rewards

We have a referral program where existing families receive rewards or discounts for referring new families to our online Quran academy.

We provide incentives for successful referrals, such as discounts on all your future classes, free additional sessions, or free-of-cost Quran lessons(for two months).


Monthly Fee Packages of Online Quran Classes

Choose a package that best suits you for your Islamic education.

2 Days a week

(8 classes/month)

30 minutes
one-to-one live session
  • USD $20 /month
  • CAD $20 /month
  • AUD $20 /month
  • GBP £20 /month
  • EUR €20 /month
  • AED د.إ35 /month
  • SAR SR35 /month
  • QAR QR35 /month
  • KWD 6ك /month
  • PKR Rs2500/month
  • INR ₹1000 /month
3 Days a week

(12 classes/month)

30 minutes
one-to-one live session
  • USD $25 /month
  • CAD $25 /month
  • AUD $25 /month
  • GBP £23 /month
  • EUR €23 /month
  • AED د.إ45 /month
  • SAR SR45 /month
  • QAR QR45 /month
  • KWD 8ك /month
  • PKR Rs2800/month
  • INR ₹1200 /month
4 Days a week

(16 classes/month)

30 minutes
one-to-one live session
  • USD $30 /month
  • CAD $30 /month
  • AUD $30 /month
  • GBP £24 /month
  • EUR €24 /month
  • AED د.إ55 /month
  • SAR SR55 /month
  • QAR QR55 /month
  • KWD 9ك /month
  • PKR Rs2900/month
  • INR ₹1400 /month
5 Days a week

(20 classes/month)

30 minutes
one-to-one live session
  • USD $35 /month
  • CAD $35 /month
  • AUD $35 /month
  • GBP £25 /month
  • EUR €25 /month
  • AED د.إ65 /month
  • SAR SR65 /month
  • QAR QR65 /month
  • KWD 10ك /month
  • PKR Rs3000/month
  • INR ₹1500 /month
Have Any Questions?


Do you have a new question? Contact us on WhatsApp.

If the Masjid or Madrasah is too far from you or any person who cannot study in the nearest Masjid or Madrasah for any reason. Minimum age for online learning should be 5 years.

Yes. You can experience our service by taking 3 trial classes.

You can use international money transfers such as remitly(recommended), wise, western union, money gram, etc.

Yes. For example, you can start an Islamic studies course along with learning the Quran. Similarly, along with Tajweed, you can also take a Quran recitation course. But if you want to start Quran memorization course along with Tajweed course then your teacher’s opinion will be important for that.

Yes, visit our privacy policy page for more information.

The student and teacher will be online at the agreed upon time after which the class will begin. The student should be online five minutes before the specified time.

Not at all. You need to transfer only the monthly fee of your selected course.

Each plan has a specific number of classes per week, but you can customize your plan according to your need. In that case, you will need to pay accordingly. For example, you can customize for 7 days a week plan.

Yes. You can receive customized lesson plans tailored to your individual learning needs and goals.

Yes. You have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your subscription. For this, you can let us know. You new subscription will be effective from the first week of a calender month.

Your tutor will send you through email or WhatsApp.

Yes. There are special discounts for families or group enrollments if you wish to enroll multiple students from the same family. There is 10% off for additional student.