Online Noorani Qaida Course

Our tutors use the Noorani Qaida syllabus to instruct students in the foundational online course. With the assistance of knowledgeable online Noorani Qaida tutors, we have created an extensive online course for both children and adults (male and female). It is the initial stage in learningthe Quran for beginners. 

Correctly reciting the Holy Quran is a challenging task, requiring a good understanding of the basics. Without a proper grasp of the fundamentals, reciting the Quran with precision and accuracy becomes almost impossible. The first step in this course is to study the fundamental Arabic alphabet. An Online Noorani Qaida course is recommended for individuals unfamiliar with Arabic who like to read the Quran while adhering to Tajweed guidelines.


Course Info
Minimum age 5 years
Duration 3 – 6 months
Certification No
Format Live Sessions
Requirements a mobile, tablet or computer, mic, headphones
Trial Classes Yes


The duration of this program ranges from a minimum of 8 months to a maximum of 12 months. Many students typically finish the course within this timeframe, some may complete it sooner or later due to various underlying factors.

  • No. of classes taken in a week
  • Number of students in class
  • Student age
  • Revision of lesson at home


Why Take a Noorani Qaida Course?

The Noorani Qaida course is a preliminary course for reading the Quran. Children must complete this course before beginning the Quran. Even those unfamiliar with Quranic reading can pick it up piece by piece. 


For those interested in learning Arabic, a helpful tool called Noorani Qaida can assist with understanding the Tajweed Rules. These exercises can be an excellent resource for students who want to improve their Arabic skills. The Arabic alphabet is used to begin the Noorani Qaida course. Our experienced teachers make it simple for students to understand challenging exercises.


How can I read the Quran at home with Noorani Qaida Classes?

The internet can be accessed from anywhere. You can begin Noorani Qaida classes at home on your laptop or mobile device using internet telephony applications like Skype or Zoom. It is similar to attending traditional lessons with a private online tutor at home.


With the assistance of our diligent Noorani Qaida Tutors, students from all over the world are studying Noorani Qaida online at home. Thanks to our hundreds of happy students for letting us teach them. We feel proud to offer 100% effective online Noorani Qaida lessons.

After completing Noorani Qaida online sessions, we promise your kids can read the holy Quran fluently with an Arabic accent and learn Tajweed rules.


What does an online course on Noorani Qaida teach you?

You can learn the Quran at home by taking online Noorani Qaida lessons on a computer or smartphone. Our skilled male and female online teachers teach hundreds of pupils how to read the Quran and Noorani Qaida.

  1. Arabic letters will be taught to you, along with their various sounds and forms.
  2. You will be taught the Arabic alphabet’s Makharij.
  3. You will discover the fundamentals of tajweed.
  4. You will pick up correct pronunciation while reading the Quran.
  5. You will get a fundamental understanding of Islam.

Parents can observe their children’s learning on a regular basis and track their daily development in front of them. Moreover, we send weekly and monthly reports to parents.


The Advantages of Online Noorani Qaida Learning

  1. You can save time and effort by taking online classes in Noorani Qaida instead of learning them alone.
  2. You will be studying the basics of how to read the Quran correctly because of the ongoing guidance of a qualified Quran tutor during the learning process.
  3. You can organize your sessions to fit your schedule when learning Noorani Qaida online with us.
  4. You will communicate with your online tutor in a productive and engaging online environment.
  5. You will get a structured curriculum and several activities to make a strong Quran learning base.
  6. You can read the Holy Quran correctly after mastering the Noorani Qaida course.
  7. This course will help you to hear how Arabic and Quranic words sound.
  8. You will gain knowledge of the basic principles of each letter, learn to identify the alphabets and symbols, and make connections between them.
  9. You will obtain knowledge of Tanwin, Haroof Linah, Long vowels (Haroof Maddah), and Noon Sakinah.
  10. Learn about compound or joint letters.
  11. Learn to read the Qur’an accurately.
  12. You will start recognizing and reading letters and words of the Quran.

Noorani Qaida with Tajweed Learning makes reading the Qur’an much simpler for adults. It also helps learn the correct pronunciation of words and how to recite the Qur’an with Tajweed by offering helpful exercises that contain Qur’anic terms and verses. 

Flexible and Affordable Noorani Qaida Classes:

For children and adults, we provide reasonably priced online Noorani Qaida classes. We have tried our best to keep our fees as low as possible. We provide both adult and child Noorani Qaida lessons online with a time flexibility option. You can select the best times to easily manage your schedule for your online Noorani Qaida sessions and study the Quran from anywhere and at any time. You will also get a 3-day free trial to see and experience our teaching method.

Easy & Quick Noorani Qaida Lessons:

Since non-native Arabs cannot speak Arabic unless they learn how to pronounce the Arabic alphabet, if you are a non-Arab, our Noorani Qaida lessons will be helpful to you. Our online Qaida lectures are elementary and effective. Our efficient Noorani Qaida techniques teach beginners to pronounce Arabic letters correctly and with an accent. 

Noorani Qaida Interactive Classes:

Our excellent Noorani Qaida lessons are helpful and fulfill your needs and expectations. Students get their Noorani Qaida tutors according to their age and level of learning. The primary goal of our introductory booklet is to teach the basics of the Arabic alphabet. To demonstrate how our classes operate, we provide free trial sessions. We use best practices to teach the fundamentals of the Quran.

Don’t try to hurry:

Children and their parents frequently desire to complete this foundational course as quickly as possible in order to move on. However, if you learn Noorani Qaida quickly, you will never really grasp Tajweed, which is the main reason for studying it.

Study it with a qualified instructor:

The key to getting the most out of Noorani Qaida is to read with a skilled teacher. You should also always keep in mind that your teacher is available to help you fix any pronunciation errors of words and accents described in Noorani Qaida.

Revise Repeatedly:

Noorani Qaida is more than just comprehension. It is more about learning and retaining knowledge, which requires practice. Of course, it is impossible to acquire an accent in a language that is not your first language in a matter of days.


If you wish to understand words comprehensively, we invite you to enroll in our Noorani Qaida Online Course. Our course is designed to provide students with a step-by-step approach that enables them to learn the basics of reading and pronunciation in a structured and cohesive manner.

By participating in our online course, you will have access to expert instructors who will guide you through the material and help you build a solid foundation in reading and reciting. 

Sign up today to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does our Noorani Qaida course help you?

The Noorani Qaida course is a preliminary course for reading the Quran. Children must complete this course before beginning the Quran. Even those unfamiliar with Quranic reading can pick it up piece by piece. Students can learn Arabic using Tajweed rules with the help of Noorani Qaida exercises. 

How to enroll?

To enroll in the course of your choice, fill out the registration form.

Are there both male and female tutors?

We have dedicated female tutors to guide and assist our female students, while our male students are provided with qualified male tutors. We ensure that all our students receive the best possible guidance and support from experts of their respective genders at Quraanic.